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Who we are

Who we are -  Parini-Invest

 Parini Investimenti S.r.l. is a company focused on developing investment opportunities in Italy and in Europe.


A network to create value

A network to create value -  Parini-Invest

 The Parini-Invest business model is based on a wide network of professional skills and entrepreneurs-investors. The aim is to create value for all participants, leveraging among the several initiatives.

Digital focus, global potential

Digital focus, global potential -  Parini-Invest

 Investments are addressed to multiple sectors and are driven primarily by opportunity, but linked by one common denominator:

"to exploit the opportunities of the digital era, in a market becoming more and more global"

Innovative start-ups and acquisitions

Innovative start-ups and acquisitions -  Parini-Invest

The primary goal is launching innovative start-ups, but also investing in more traditional sectors that are going to be impacted by the new digital trends, so anticipating their transformation. Acquisitions are also part of the strategy, provided they are able to create leverage within the Parini-Invest network.

The differentiators

The differentiators -  Parini-Invest

The innovation skills and the leverage by a wide network of enterprises are the additional elements of competitive advantage that Parini-Invest proposes to the market and to the partecipants of its network.

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